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Rethinking Kindness in a Weary World

I have been deep in thought about our kindness campaigns. Every quote I come across about kindness, now has me wrestling with its authentic meaning. I have never thought more about kindness in my entire life! 
This is what is at the core I think:
I want our kindness to run deep and be genuine.
Connecting with the women's shelters in our city has been so eye-opening, so humbling to hear their stories, so overwhelming to hear their needs. We will tour Mary's Home, here in Colorado Spring this afternoon, and I just want to say for the record...this is not to promote ourselves. We feel compelled to go, to see, to learn, and then to share and shine light on their mission and ways we can partner in accomplishing it.
YES we will do social media posts, and yes,
we do have a business to get off the ground, but we are TRULY thankful to have a platform, to be able to give back. It's just been amazing to watch things come together-since we launched these ideas at the first of the year. Because Michael works full time as a ministry consultant, he already has relationships with so many nonprofit organizations in our city and beyond. Therefore, the trust that makes these kinds of relationships flourish, has already begun! So doors are opening wide, and we are just beginning to understand the impact that can be made, as we refuse to give in to our fears and step out with courage.  
Some of you know parts of our story, and we will share more in the weeks ahead, but we have been shown immeasurable kindnesses over the years. Immeasurable. We have NOT forgotten them, and we LONG to give back. They have shaped our lives and now they are shaping our business.
Here's the thing about kindness...To be genuinely kind,
we must not be kind for the sake of kindness alone but instead, we must give generously, from a humble heart that remembers how much it's been given. Yes?? 🍋❤️
We want to do kindness well. Thanks for joining us. Together we can make exponential changes that touch a weary world.